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POLEK & POLEK is a group with unique, talented people.  We are relationship builders, strategists, trusted advisors, distribution associates, managers - all working to make your company successful.

Celebrating 46 Years as Trusted Advisors to the
Document Imaging Industry

Family-owned and operated for 2 generations, POLEK & POLEK is a well-known wholesale distributor in the imaging industry. Our primary focus is your profitability. We love fighting for freedom of the Independent Dealer vs. the OEM! We help dealers add loyal customers & profit in a highly competitive market. We create lasting relationships. We want to do business with you until the end of time. These desires are at the heart of our core focus.

We often get asked, "Why is the company named Polek & Polek?" Here is a letter that John Polek (Mr. P) wrote to Chris' Grandparents over 43 years ago. The letter explains it all.
[Click here to read letter].

Founder - John Polek

In the early 1970’s, when John Polek was National Sales Manager for Saxon Business Systems, he became aware of the high cost of parts and supplies OEMs were charging their dealers. He had an idea that if he could find out what factories were supplying parts and supplies to the manufacturers, he could make available high quality parts and supplies to copier dealers at a significant savings. In July 1974, John founded Polek & Polek as a one person army out of his garage. John originally formed a partnership with Panasonic to develop a complete line of tungsten halogen lamps to be used in copiers. As the years went on, dealers requested Polek & Polek to develop more money saving products to help them be profitable, and Polek & Polek delivered on that. Watching Polek & Polek grow over the decades was an important passion of John’s life. John passed away September 21, 2010.

John Polek

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