Nearly half of your machines in the field use stapling in their finishing features. How would you like to save up to 40% on staple refills and ensure a quality experience by using the
#1 brand in stapling worldwide?

Polek & Polek invites you to take the Swingline Challenge!

First, we’ll take about 15 minutes to assess your usage of refill staples. Then we’ll calculate how much your dealership can save each year by using Swingline staples. Comparable dealerships are realizing annual savings of $10,000 - in some cases even more!

Put this bright, shiny Swingline stapler on your desk, and it will be a constant reminder of the tens of thousands of dollars your dealership saved from the day you decided to choose Swingline brand staples!

We’ll even help you get started: when you’re ready to save on staple refills, Polek & Polek will give your dealership a box of Swingline staples, so you can experience first-hand the quality of the #1 brand in stapling.

Fill out the form below and tell us that you’re ready to take the Swingline Challenge. You won’t regret it!

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